Currently we have 3 horses that were rescued from auction, they didn’t sell and were on their way to slaughter. Purchased in February 2017.

The elder of the herd is Sugar. She is a 20+ Thoroughbred who was a race horse at some point in her life She has a lip tattoo which is unreadable. She was very underweight and barely had any muscle tone. She was covered in battle scars and looked tired.  We were afraid she would not last.  But after our first months together she has gained weight and is able to be lightly ridden. She is super sweet and has a pleasant personality. Her eyes are bright again and her spirit is strong. She is full of energy and doesn’t act her age. Sugar will live out the rest of her life here– pampered and loved. She loves kisses and enjoys watermelon!!!!!

The middle child is Riley is a 10 year old dun Quarter horse. When we first got her she was sick with upper respiratory infection and needed to be seen by vet ASAP. She recovered well. She is a lover and will follow us around like a dog. She is usually the first one to neigh to us  and comes running for attention when out in pasture. She has a lot of health issues but we are working with vet and farrier to help her. She is tolerant to treatment and is improving after 3 months. She loves to be made pretty with braids and ribbons in her mane and tail.

Rebel is my problem child—-LOL. She is an 8 year old Quarter horse. She was abused and used only for breeding. When she first arrived at farm she was a handful(that’s putting it mild). She was so scared and aggressive to humans and others in herd. There we times I would cry and think “oh Maggie you bit of more than you can chew” BUT with lots of patients, love and treats she has begun to trust us. Everything that we do with her takes time. I took almost a month to be able to groom her without her getting anxiety. Two months to be able to remove halter and lunge her. Rebel is a beautiful mover and loves to show off her stuff, She needs to be sedated to get feet trimmed, she also had horrible teeth. Now after 3 months she is able to be ridden and is an angel under saddle. We use a bitless bridle due to dental issues, but she is so respectful to rider. Everyday we teach her something new and she is learning ground manners. She has become the herd leader and is always to first to say hello in the morning.  The bond between us is growing everyday. She has learned to trust and love again. She is an attention hog and loves cantaloupe.

I will keep updating progress on page but feel their first months of adjustment are most important. Rescue and slaughter horses do make wonderful companions. Not knowing about their past makes it difficult but with love, trust and a loving voice we can make their hearts melt and the spirit high again. I’m so happy I saved these girls they have made our farm complete.

UPDATE:August 2017.

Well a lot has been happening around here. Miss Rebel had a BABY. Yes she was 7 months pregnant when we rescued her. She gave birth to a healthy colt, Ziggy on July31,2017. Mom and baby are both thriving and happy. Riley loves the baby and they are often found hanging out together and running the pastures playing around.

On a sad note, Sugar passed away in August. She became ill and was being treated by Vet. She was on supportive care when it became clear she was in too much pain. We had to make the horrible decision. She could barely walk or stand. With tears in our eyes we put her to rest. Run free Sugar Baby- may your pastures always be green. She blessed we got to love her and she loved us.

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